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You can tell a lot about a person by the type of dog they own. Mine look a bit like sheep, or two whippets that have covered themselves in glue and rolled around the floor of a poodle parlour. 


They don’t so much walk as 'prance' - though they also move a little bit like the AT-AT transporters in Star Wars.


Either way they’re unusual, striking and attention grabbing. A bit like the videos I like to make, really. 

So if you’re looking for someone to make your content ‘pop’, someone who loves to collaborate and create clips that make the viewer stop and stare, then I’m your guy. 

Originally from the UK, I'm currently based in the creative hub of Cape Town, South Africa  (same time zone as Europe, super fast internet, but with unreal animals and scenery just down the road).


I could go on about the industry awards, YouTube views and press attention my work has garnered in the past, but then that would be a little bit predictable. 


Let’s much rather talk about dogs - especially my two, who once made a passer-by stop and ask, “Are they robot goats?”. 

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